Troye Sivan's Latest Single's "My My My" & "The Good Side" - Live on SNL

After hearing "My My My" on Spotify's weekly playlist of new releases each Friday, Troye Sivan has become one of my favorite artists. I started to go into his older releases, like his debut album Blue Neighborhood. The album is as close as one can come to electropop/dreampop perfection. Just when I thought Blue Neighborhood couldn't get any better, I found there is an entire album's worth of remix's as well. The multitalented Sivan is an accomplished Youtuber, Actor, and fast rising pop superstar. In a Rolling Stone interview the openly gay singer has claimed coming out was one of the best career decisions he has made. His reason for saying this is so that he could be himself from the very start of his music career, which is admirable. However, considering the amount of articles gushing over boy on boy action in his videos, such as NPR'sIn 'My My My!' Video, Troye Sivan Cements His Image As A Gay Pop Icon It seems the desire to elevate him into a…

Jamie Starr - Make Music Great Again - The Remixes

Jamie Starr has released his latest musical work, a 13 track remix project called Make Music Great Again. The album can be downloaded for free on by clicking the link below
or the embedded player.

Make Music Great Again by Jamie Starr

Zara Larsson - Ain't My Fault - Jamie Starr Remix


The Weeknd - Starboy - Jamie Starr Remix


The Chainsmokers feat. Jhené Aiko - Wake Up Alone Triarchy Remix

Triarchy has landed themselves one of the hottest remixes of the summer with "Wake Up Alone" from The Chainsmokers feat. Jhené Aiko
Between the breakdown synths cutting out to make way for the vocal samples and then the breakdown being tweaked the last time around this track is pure bliss. It's no surprise this song has already done quiet well for it's self:
#1 Soundcloud New & Hot Dance & EDM
#7 Soundcloud Dance & EDM Overall
#2 Hypem Remixes Only
#8 Hypem Overall
Featured on The Chainsmokers: Nice Hair 36

EMBRZ - Higher

"Higher" by EMBRZ is really a beauty to behold. The synth bells and vocal resampling in the beginning is reminisced of Ellie Goulding's "Lights", until the most beautiful bass tones usher in the groove. There is something sorta chillwave about it, something minimal while still evolving and captivating about it. This ambiance established in the beginning slowly evolves and builds until a full on electronic wave of sound is unleashed.

EMBRZ has also given us some really amazing remixes of some of my favorite tracks from my favorite artists, such as "Settle Down" by The 1975 and "How Long Will I Love You" by Ellie Goulding.  You can check these remixes out below.

ODESZA - Meridian

A couple of weeks ago I found some live footage of Odesza preforming new songs. These tracks were all untitled at the time, but I remember the one clip where they had multiple drummers on stage preforming with them. Well, the song has been released and it is absolutely amazing.

Awhile ago, after discovering Bloodpop { who was then going by Blood Diamonds } and taking influences from his work into my own, my friend Brett described the sounds I was working with as "poverty & beaches".
Between heavy ethnic drums and vocals chops and samples, the songs sound like the soundtrack to South American children playing soccer on the beach. Not long after that I stumbled upon Odesza, who takes the poverty & beaches sound to a level of perfection.

This song is a perfect example of that.
The pulsing vocals, the pounding drums, and a arpeggiated bassline that rumbles throughout.

Odesza's new album, "A Moment Apart" drops Sept. 8th.