The Weeknd - Starboy - Jamie Starr Remix


NWNN - Joy Villa's Make America Great Again & Infowars interview with Candice Owens & Kaya Jones.

Conservative recording artist and official member of President Trump's Campaign Advisory Board, Joy Villa has returned with a new single "Make America Great Again".  Obviously borrowing the campaign slogan from her new boss President Donald Trump, this track shows Joy is gonna be around for long, long time. There are three specific reasons I say this...

First is there is her spirt. Villa first came into public consciousness with her MAGA dress at the 2017 Grammy awards.  After years worth of actors, entertainers, and Hollywood elites lecturing the American people, Villa's act of defiance was welcomed and embraced by a country without a voice in the arts. The country voted with their dollars and the very next day she sat at the top of the billboard charts. Since then she has been regularly doing the rounds on the alternative media such as Louder With Crowder, The Gavin McInnes Show, and Infowars.

This week on Infowars she was joined by Kaya Jones and later Candice Owen…

The Chainsmokers feat. Jhené Aiko - Wake Up Alone Triarchy Remix

Triarchy has landed themselves one of the hottest remixes of the summer with "Wake Up Alone" from The Chainsmokers feat. Jhené Aiko
Between the breakdown synths cutting out to make way for the vocal samples and then the breakdown being tweaked the last time around this track is pure bliss. It's no surprise this song has already done quiet well for it's self:
#1 Soundcloud New & Hot Dance & EDM
#7 Soundcloud Dance & EDM Overall
#2 Hypem Remixes Only
#8 Hypem Overall
Featured on The Chainsmokers: Nice Hair 36

EMBRZ - Higher

"Higher" by EMBRZ is really a beauty to behold. The synth bells and vocal resampling in the beginning is reminisced of Ellie Goulding's "Lights", until the most beautiful bass tones usher in the groove. There is something sorta chillwave about it, something minimal while still evolving and captivating about it. This ambiance established in the beginning slowly evolves and builds until a full on electronic wave of sound is unleashed.

EMBRZ has also given us some really amazing remixes of some of my favorite tracks from my favorite artists, such as "Settle Down" by The 1975 and "How Long Will I Love You" by Ellie Goulding.  You can check these remixes out below.

ODESZA - Meridian

A couple of weeks ago I found some live footage of Odesza preforming new songs. These tracks were all untitled at the time, but I remember the one clip where they had multiple drummers on stage preforming with them. Well, the song has been released and it is absolutely amazing.

Awhile ago, after discovering Bloodpop { who was then going by Blood Diamonds } and taking influences from his work into my own, my friend Brett described the sounds I was working with as "poverty & beaches".
Between heavy ethnic drums and vocals chops and samples, the songs sound like the soundtrack to South American children playing soccer on the beach. Not long after that I stumbled upon Odesza, who takes the poverty & beaches sound to a level of perfection.

This song is a perfect example of that.
The pulsing vocals, the pounding drums, and a arpeggiated bassline that rumbles throughout.

Odesza's new album, "A Moment Apart" drops Sept. 8th.

Whethan & Charli XCX - Love Game

I feel like this is a story of redemption. I used to really dig Charli XCX, I even had Cans remix one of her tracks. Her first two mixtapes were really dope, but then like most artists as the commercial success increased, their authenticity seems to decline.

This obviously could be because of numerous reason, but I really just couldn't get into the super bubblegum pop nonsense Charli was putting out. It just seemed like a Disney brand of rebellion for little girls. The producers used could be another reason for this, which could be why I'm really digging this track. Seventeen year old producer Whethan delivers with Charli XCX for the single “love gang” released on Big Beat records.

This seems closer to the stuff you'd hear on her mixtapes...
Dirty, grungy, and obnoxious pop music done right.
I don't know what's better, that dirty distorted bass in the beginning or what sounds like a vocal sample during the hook.
Either way, it's amazing and a great song for th…