Whethan & Charli XCX - Love Game

I feel like this is a story of redemption. I used to really dig Charli XCX, I even had Cans remix one of her tracks. Her first two mixtapes were really dope, but then like most artists as the commercial success increased, their authenticity seems to decline.

This obviously could be because of numerous reason, but I really just couldn't get into the super bubblegum pop nonsense Charli was putting out. It just seemed like a Disney brand of rebellion for little girls. The producers used could be another reason for this, which could be why I'm really digging this track. Seventeen year old producer Whethan delivers with Charli XCX for the single “love gang” released on Big Beat records.

This seems closer to the stuff you'd hear on her mixtapes...
Dirty, grungy, and obnoxious pop music done right.
I don't know what's better, that dirty distorted bass in the beginning or what sounds like a vocal sample during the hook.
Either way, it's amazing and a great song for the summer.
Check it out below:


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