Troye Sivan's Latest Single's "My My My" & "The Good Side" - Live on SNL

After hearing "My My My" on Spotify's weekly playlist of new releases each Friday, Troye Sivan has become one of my favorite artists. I started to go into his older releases, like his debut album Blue Neighborhood. The album is as close as one can come to electropop/dreampop perfection. Just when I thought Blue Neighborhood couldn't get any better, I found there is an entire album's worth of remix's as well. The multitalented Sivan is an accomplished Youtuber, Actor, and fast rising pop superstar. In a Rolling Stone interview the openly gay singer has claimed coming out was one of the best career decisions he has made. His reason for saying this is so that he could be himself from the very start of his music career, which is admirable. However, considering the amount of articles gushing over boy on boy action in his videos, such as NPR's In 'My My My!' Video, Troye Sivan Cements His Image As A Gay Pop Icon  It seems the desire to elevate him into a gay icon is overshadowing the amazing music he make. Hopefully some of his new material makes it's way onto the radio where he can be judged for his musical talents and not his sexual preferences. Until then check out his performances of "My My My" and "The Good Side" from his recent appearance on SNL.


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