ODESZA - Meridian

A couple of weeks ago I found some live footage of Odesza preforming new songs. These tracks were all untitled at the time, but I remember the one clip where they had multiple drummers on stage preforming with them. Well, the song has been released and it is absolutely amazing.

Awhile ago, after discovering Bloodpop { who was then going by Blood Diamonds } and taking influences from his work into my own, my friend Brett described the sounds I was working with as "poverty & beaches".
Between heavy ethnic drums and vocals chops and samples, the songs sound like the soundtrack to South American children playing soccer on the beach. Not long after that I stumbled upon Odesza, who takes the poverty & beaches sound to a level of perfection.

This song is a perfect example of that.
The pulsing vocals, the pounding drums, and a arpeggiated bassline that rumbles throughout.

Odesza's new album, "A Moment Apart" drops Sept. 8th.


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